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More about coastal temperate rain forests
The coastal temperate rain forest of North America

Since 1996, Inforain has presented an online atlas for the temperate rain forest / Pacific salmon region of North America. Collected here are the results of our ongoing project to describe and model land- and sea-scape productivity across the region, and to quantify and assess the social, ecological and economic benefits of alternative resource management systems.

Inforain is a project of Ecotrust, a conservation organization based in Portland, Oregon. Dedicated to knowledge integration, Ecotrust brings together expertise in areas that include: spatial analysis, web-based applications development and socio-economic assessment. Offering data for download, utilizing open-source technologies and publishing under Creative Commons licenses, this website embodies Ecotrust’s commitment to open, adaptive and collaborative learning.


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Interactive Map: Watershed Locator

Report: Effectiveness of marine reserve networks

Slides: Socioeconomic Indicators as a Complement to Life Cycle Assessment

Get Data: Google Earth layer - LEED buildings in Washington & Oregon






Spatial analysis and maps are made possible by a generous donation from Esri

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