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Glacier Bay Ecosystem GIS

Glacier Bay Ecosystem GIS

This CD-ROM set contains more than one hundred different spatial data sets covering the greater Glacier Bay, Alaska area, roughly stretching from Yakutat in the north to south of Admiralty Island. These data sets are stored in Arc/Info format and have been integrated into a cohesive Geographical Information System (GIS) covering much of the northern Southeast Alaska area. In addition to these data sets, the CD-ROMs contain a user's guide and data catalog, a scientific bibliography of the Glacier Bay area, metadata records for many other GIS data sets that are not included on this CD, and profiles of current research being conducted in the Glacier Bay area. Lastly, we are pleased to include an extensive set of Web pages giving an overview of the natural history of Glacier Bay and northern Southeast Alaska.

About this CD - An Introduction to this CD-ROM including installation requirements

GIS Database - Links to the data catalog, maps, images, metadata, and other information products

Data Catalog - Descriptions and images of the GIS layers found on this CD-ROM

Natural History - Web pages giving some background on the natural history of the northern Southeast Alaska area

Research & Resource Management - Information on some of the research and resource management issues including a bibliography of publications concerning the Glacier Bay area.

Ecosystem Initiative - Information about the Glacier Bay Ecosystem Initiative

NBII - Information about the National Biological Information Initiative

This CD-ROM was made possible through the efforts of the U.G. Geological Survey (USGS) and Interrain Pacific. Funding was provided by two USGS initiatives: the Glacier Bay Ecosystem Initiative and the National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII). USGS scientists working in partnership with GIS specialists from Interrain Pacific collaborated to develop this integrated Geographic Information System for the Glacier Bay / northern Southeast Alaska ecosystem. The USGS–Interrain Pacific partnership focused on collecting and integrating GIS data sets from many agencies and organizations; these groups deserve credit for the large majority of data layers on this CD. The goals of this project were to 1) integrate these independently developed data and 2) to then make this information available to a broader group of potential users.

NOTE: This online version of the Glacier Bay Ecosystem GIS contains much of the original content but not the spatial datasets. To order a copy of the CD-ROM, contact:
Joy Gieselman
Biological Resource Division
Alaska Science Center
1011 E. Tudor Road
Anchorage, AK 99503
phone: (907) 786-3512

CREDITS: Many people helped make this GIS CD possible. This link allows us to give them some small acknowledgement.

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