Inforain Ecotrust

Interactive Maps

Ecotrust has created a range of interactive mapping applications — for data collection, management and display; for decision support; and for scenario visualization. We will strive to make these tools available to the public here.

Open OceanMap
Video tour of a tool developed by Ecotrust for collecting and aggregating local knowledge in a spatially specific format. Learn more about Open OceanMap here.

Video tour of a decision support tool developed by Ecotrust with UC Santa Barbara and The Nature Conservancy. Also: explore MarineMap for yourself or learn more at the MarineMap website.

Video tour of a tool for participatory monitoring of Marine Protected Areas, developed by Ecotrust and COBI (Comunidad y Biodiversidad).

The Gulf Project
A screen-capture video of a tool developed by Ecotrust for the Ocean Conservancy. This tool allows users to spatially evaluate fisheries landings based on years of activity and county of landing, and then to construct and evaluate scenarios for vessel reductions or spatial limits on fishing activity. (Flash plug-in required)

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